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Top Ten Tuesday #2: Ten Things I Am Thankful For

Top Ten Tuesday

It’s Top Ten Tuesday again! I’m really getting into this meme. Thanks, The Broke and The Bookish! This time I’m here with “Ten Things I Am Thankful For.”

You know, when you’re thankful for so many things in your life, it’s really hard to narrow the list down to ten, but here goes. I tried to balance booky things with lifey things.

  1. My husband. I really don’t know what I’d do without him. I’d be a pretty sad duck, that’s for sure. It’s one thing to be surrounded by things and people that you love, but it’s quite another to walk through life with someone who really knows you and loves you for all the quirks (and I have many) that you bring into the marriage. I love you, Rich!
  2. My family. I love my family. Being around them and talking about the goings on in life is so wonderful. I’m lucky to have half my family nearby, so it’s fun to visit them more frequently. The other half live far away, but it’s always great to visit them when we get the chance.
  3. God. He is good and good to me. He knows who I am and my potential. He is always there.
  4. My job. I get to be around books all day! Yes, it’s stressful, and, yes, sometimes I work long hours, but I’m an editor. Kind of a dream job for me, a reader and grammar nerd.
  5. My Kindle. I love to read “normal” books during my lunch break (“normal” meaning books that my company doesn’t produce)–and they transport me far away for a while. Anyway, my Kindle allows me to take my eBook library with me. What a luxury.
  6. Peppermint hot chocolate–because, well, is there a better beverage? I will not take other suggestions. 😉
  7. The library. Oh, the smell of books and the rows and rows of them.
  8. Traveling. Boston. San Francisco. Kansas City. Hawaii. Yep, love it.
  9. Good food! Heck yes. Especially cheeseburgers and french fries–you can’t forget the french fries. I love trying new things, and I’m grateful I’m not picky. Like, really grateful. I don’t know what I’d do with myself if I were . . . actually I don’t know what my husband would do with me. 🙂
  10. Great words: Rectitudinous, eristic, prestidigitation, bonhomie, egregious . . .

I really could keep going; I have so many great things and people in my life! Life is good.

What are some things that you’re grateful for, bookish or otherwise?

Top Ten Tuesday #1: Ten Books I’d Recommend to . . .

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature from The Broke and The Bookish. This time I’m here with ten books I’d recommend to . . . um, no one in particular. I tried really hard to think of books to recommend to one person, then to many people, but it wasn’t working out too well. Haha. So I’m just going with ten books I love and some random thoughts on each. Yep, that’s all.

1. Anne of Green Gables. My favorite book, hands down. I always thought I was so cool because my middle name is Anne with an E (p.s. I am pretty cool, actually). Gilbert Blythe will always be a heartthrob. Tomorrow really is a day with no mistakes in it. A bosom friend is the best friend a girl can have. It’s cool to be smart. And, c’mon, you know you want puffed sleeves. 🙂

2. Ocean at the End of the Lane. This is one of my current favorites. It’s a captivating read and extremely well done. Gaiman’s the bomb.

3. Tiger’s Curse. This whole series is good so far. Okay, so it’s a romance with tigers that turn into people. Er… People that are cursed to be tigers. But it’s really cool. Romance, mythology, adventure, awesomeness. Go read it. 🙂

4. Brave New World. Is our modern society all that different? Maybe so, but you can certainly draw some interesting parallels. Excellent book.

5. The Book Thief. Okay, so I actually haven’t finished this yet, but the writing is just so gooooood. I’m an instant fan.

Wow, this is getting hard . . . .

6. My Loving Vigil Keeping. I love this book. It’s one of those romances where you become attached to the characters and feel what they feel. I love Carla Kelly’s books, and this one is particularly good. p.s. It’s clean too!

7. The Help. What a great book that speaks to racial segregation on the other side of the color line. Excellently written, great story. Makes you think and leaves you satisfied.

8. Pride and Prejudice. “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.” Doesn’t that just draw you in? Just the characters, the story, the everything is awesome.

9. Hamlet. I can’t make a ten-recommendations list without Hamlet. It’s my favorite play and one whose themes you find everywhere. I love all the characters (or love to hate them), and I’m pleased that Claudius gets what’s coming to him in the end. And poor Horatio, right?

10. Harry Potter. Because duh.