Policies & Disclaimers

I am currently taking reviews for books in any form, including advance reader copies, uncorrected page proofs, audiobooks, ebooks, and hard copies. I am also open to hosting giveaways and would love to interview authors.

I will gladly accept biographies/memoirs, narrative nonfiction (true stories written like a novel), YA, adult romance, chick lit, fantasy, and really anything that is not listed in the paragraph below.

I will not accept horror, erotica, harlequin, self-help (unless in the same vein as The Happiness Project), and any books that have an overtly negative message, excessive language, or purposely demean or aim to harm any social class, race, religion, or organization.

To submit a request for a review, please email me at ffr (at) frenchfryrunner (dot) com with the synopsis of the book, the first chapter if possible, as well as any additional information. Please also include a date by which you would like me to post a review. Please allow four to six weeks for the review to go live. I work full-time, and though I would love to read and review your book in a week, that is not possible or practical.

All reviews and posts are made in good faith, and any information is presumed to be correct at the time of posting. All books reviewed on this site have been purchased by me, checked out from the library, given to me as a gift, or given to me from an author or publisher for review. I will indicate how I received each book on its respective review.

Any reviews on the site are my honest opinion, and though I may be compensated by a free book or swag, that in no way sways my opinion in reviewing. I will try my hardest to give credit where it’s due, so if I neglect to link back to your page or credit you, please let me know, and I will rectify the situation.

Also, although I’m a professional editor, you will find errors here and there on this site. I take responsibility for them, but please don’t be rude about any you find, and I’ll do the same. If you see any egregious errors, please let me know. I would hate to mix up they’re, their, and there! Yikes.


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