Hi, there!

Yeah, I’m starting a blog about books. It might be just like all the other book blogs OR it may turn out to be something awesome. I think it will be the latter because who wants to be like everyone else? Sure, I’m planning on doing some “normal book blog” things, but I hope that you’ll join me as I navigate my way through the stacks of books on my shelf that are begging to be opened after my months-long hiatus from reading. I know, it’s a tragedy because what’s better than cracking open a new-to-you book and enjoying a peppermint hot chocolate? Well, I know of a few things in life that are better: a hug from my husband, finding a hundred-dollar bill on the sidewalk (woo! now I can buy more books–no, this has never happened to me) . . . just go with it, friends.

Where am I going with this? No idea. But I’m glad you’re here. Thanks for reading!

p.s. I love french fries . . . just in case you were wondering.

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