Review: Happier at Home

Happier at Home Book Cover Happier at Home
Gretchen Rubin
Nonfiction Self-Help
Three Rivers Press
September 4, 2012

In the spirit of her blockbuster #1 New York Times bestseller The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin embarks on a new project to make home a happier place. . . .So, starting in September (the new January), Rubin dedicated a school year—September through May—to making her home a place of greater simplicity, comfort, and love.

One-sentence review: The writing was choppy, the material was reused, and the book didn’t add anything to The Happiness Project.

Background: Having read reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, I decided to just check this out from the library. Good choice.

The good: I like the author’s writing style. It’s more conversational and approachable-sounding, though the book itself was choppy.

The bad: I would’ve liked new material in this book, but a lot of it was reused from the last book. So, really, you just need to read the one and ask yourself, “Hm, how can I apply this concept to my home.” Boom. You’ve got Happier at Home. Okay, not quite, but close.

Bottom line: Read the first book. I’m giving it 3 stars just because I do like the stories and the author’s writing style.

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